Will I ever win her heart back

Yup, she did it again didnt she. Went ahead and ripped your heart out of your chest and ran win-her-heart-backaway. I know you are feeling horrible right now, and you have the empty feeling in your guts, but it will be ok. Will I ever win her heart back you ask? Good question, I believe its possible if you follow a few simple rules. Of course its always easier to mope around and feel sorry for yourself, but I know you wont do that, so lets get started.

1. Be mysterious
Be the “Prize” and not the Doormat! Try to win her heart by being mysterious, making her wonder, and playing a little hard to get! This will certainly help love to blossom and keep her on her toes.
2. Be honest
Women like genuine guys who are not afraid to embrace their strengths and weaknesses. Be honest, humble, and unpretentious, and you will win her heart in no time.
3. Be friendly
…with her friends! Play your cards right. Her friends know her inside and out. Once her friends like you, they can easily provide you with tips about how to win her heart.
4.  Be passionate
There’s something very attractive about men who have a passion. Therefore, nurture a passion, because that will prove to her that you can be compassionate towards her too. By getting serious about something, you will win her heart.


Do not come off as desperate.
If you want to know how to win her heart back, you DO NOT want to come off as a moping, desperate little boy who cant “live without her”. You shouldn’t beg her to stay or come back to you, in fact you should do just the opposite and say, “ok, I was thinking the same thing, perhaps it is time to move on.” You will probably want to cry, thats ok, however do it in the privacy of your home. Do not show the world what a little girl you are, you are a man.

Do not blow up her phone or facebook page with messages.

Obviously your ex girlfriend is avoiding you, so you wont ever win her heart back if you keep spamming her phone with calls and text messages. This is SOOOOOO needy and makes you look like a tool, you dont want to look like a needy tool do you? The only thing that will do is make her go running for the hills.

Bumps in the road are a natural part of any relationship. I would apologize to her for fighting so much (if that’s what happened, I don’t really know) and tell her that you still have feelings for her, but if being win-her-heart-back-2friends is what she really wants, then you will just be friends. Don’t do this over text message or anything. Do it in person, to her face. Also bring her flowers or chocolate or a poem or song you wrote or something else cute. Most girls like that. Obviously use your judgement here and bring her something she’d actually want, or nothing at all if she’s one of the few who dislike that kind of stuff. Also, don’t overdo it. Just one cute inexpensive gift, not twelve expensive ones. : )
If she still wants to end it and be friends, then be her friend. But, that doesn’t mean you have to wait around for her like a loner.
If you find someone else, go out with them. Don’t make your life revolve completely around her. Of course, don’t date just to date. The whole jealousy thing doesn’t work out well.
Maybe all you guys need is a break from each other to see that all relationships have problems. That sounds like what she needs, but I could be wrong.
I’ll pray for you. : )


Understand why you guys separated to begin with. Perhaps its not your fault at all and you are totally wasting your time. Did she sleep with another guy? If so, why would you want to waste your time and stay with her? Perhaps you didnt show her that you appreciated her, or maybe you were just a regular boob who put her on a pedal stool. Once you have figured out what the reason is, fix it if you get the chance and maybe a short apology would be in order.

The number one mistake most men make when trying to win their ex back is they beg. All this does is push her further away. A woman hates a weak man and begging is a sign of weakness. Another huge mistake men tend to make is that they continue to talk to her, hoping to somehow convince her that he is all the man she needs. If you were all the man she needed then she wouldn’t have left you in the first place. What you have to do is understand that you’ve changed from when you and her first started dating. What she saw in you in the beginning, obviously she doesn’t see in you now. If she left you, most likely you know why. So now you have to somehow make her see why she fell in love with you in the first place. First things first, cut off all communication.


You cannot choose who you are attracted to. OK, reread that last sentence, is it sinking in yet? Human beings are either attracted to the each other or they arent, you cannot force anyone to like you.  However, you can do certain things to manipulate your ex girlfriend into being attracted to you again.  It will be like a freight train hitting a cow, she wont even see it coming. Do you know what the awesome part about it is? You already know what to do, because you were doing it before you two even met up.

Remember when you were so busy that you couldnt come at her every call or beckon? Remember when you had a life out by yourself, hanging out with your friends, had big dreams and aspirations? Rarely did you answer her phone calls or facebook messages. Back then you were a big strong man, with sky high confidence. Guess what? The ladies are 100% attracted to this. Its time to get that life back bucko.

You fell in love and lost your man pants, these things happened so slowly you didnt even notice them happening.  You started buying her whatever you wanted, and got really jealous and stupid over every little man that was calling her or texting her. It didnt even matter what he was to her. I hate to give you this breaking report, but being the good nice guy will kill that relationship faster then you can jump in front of a car. You know that now right?

win-her-heart-back-3Now that you understand what happened, its time to start doing the opposite of all that. Get your life back, live for yourself, go out with your friends, improve yourself daily. Advance your career, and please stop pining over this girl. Will she come back? Maybe, or maybe not. However, if she doesnt your life will be that much better. You will also know what NOT to do the next time you have a girlfriend and you want to keep her.

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